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 Signature,Avatar,theme song.

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Aging Chocobo
Aging Chocobo

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PostSubject: Signature,Avatar,theme song.   Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:26 pm

Ok so I'm thinking of bringing some new ideas into my character, most importantly I want to find a suitable theme song, but before that I need some help.

What makes a theme song suitable?
What makes a good theme song?
Also, most obviously,
How do I find a theme song?

Although a theme song is not the only thing I wish to find. A more permanent face(s) to my persona(s) be awesome.
So basically, an Avatar. Either a character repeatedly drawn in different poses/art works, or an actual character from an anime (or other) that I can get art work or screenshots from. Unfortunately I can't draw worth a crap, otherwise I would create my own.

Finally, a signature of some sort, probably fitting in with the theme song, or something relatable or otherwise connectable to myself.

Finally, I understand there is a chance none of you will read this, but if anybody can give advice or help in my search, that would be great.
Thanks <3 ^.^

((I'll mark things off my list as they are found.))

If you can read this, then you win a free cookie!...
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Signature,Avatar,theme song.
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